Infertility Diagnosis & Testing

Smart Diagnostics

At Smart IVF we use a straight forward approach to optimize your time, money, and emotions. We know that in-order for you to get pregnant 3 things have to be in place: Sperm, an Egg, and a place for them to date.

  1. A blood test or an ultrasound to count your egg supply. Inventory.
  2. A Semen analysis to determine the quality of the sperm
  3. An X-Ray and Dye test to determine if your fallopian tubes are blocked

95% of Insurance Companies cover diagnostic testing for infertility, and we can help get you authorized for coverage.

Our Diagnostic Package Price: $1600.00

Have you been having trouble conceinving a baby?Discovering your infertility diagnosis for a couple or individual is important for success. At Smart IVF, patients are part of every aspect of the diagnostic consultation and review. Infertility treatments are individually formulated and patients are involved in every aspect of the decision-making process creating cost-effective pathways to successful pregnancies.

When Should I See an Infertility Specialist?

We recommend that you should see a fertility specialist after a year of regular unprotected intercourse that has unsuccessfully resulted in a pregnancy if the woman is younger than 35, and after six months if the woman is older. Speak with your ob-gyn first to find a reproductive endocrinologist to begin performing initial fertility testing to diagnose the potential cause of your infertility.

Your fertility specialist will meet with you and review your medical history and previous records. They will also run vital tests and assessments to determine your diagnosis.