Smart IVF presents INVOCell

Smart IVF is proud to offer InvoCell, the affordable simple fertility treatment to help you create the family you want.

A cylindrical piece of equipment, the INVOcell is made of polystyrene. It is designed to replace incubators in traditional IV. With INVOcell, the eggs and sperm are placed within the capsule and then inserted into the woman’s vagina for the incubation period bypassing the traditionally expensive IVF incubators and utilizing a woman’s own body to provide the necessary conditions of temperature, pH balance and oxygen ratios to encourage fertilization. After five days, the INVOcell is retrieved and the healthy embryos are transferred back to the uterus.


Lower cost IVF

With this new technology, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of fertility treatments. The IVF incubators are costly and complex machines that require constant calibration to maintain ideal conditions. Because of malfunctions, laboratories need highly trained specialists to monitor the embryos progress constantly. Cutting out these lab costs allows us to provide patients with an alternative IVF treatment that simplifies the process and financial requirements.

Included in removing the laboratory costs, INVOcell also reduces the time spent at a fertility center for monitoring appointments. In more traditional IVF treatment cycles, patients attend appointments to have blood work done, checking hormone levels, sonograms, and adjust medication dosages. The INVOcell process greatly simplifies all of this, by eliminating the need to have extra appointments. It does not require daily changes to medication dosages and only need the sonogram to determine ovulation trigger day.

INVO Cycle Price: $7,990.00

Including Medications